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Oil Painting portrait workshop

At my studio in Detroit, each session is 2 hours (once a week) for a total of 8 weeks.

In a small group of no more than 5 persons we will cover all aspects of my process from blank canvas to finished portrait.

The idea of the workshop is to add to your existing process rather than a place for beginners (although if you are new to Oils you would be so welcome) I believe that the methods I use to paint portraits can also be applied to other genres such a still life and landscapes.

We will cover topics such as,

Canvas prep, Image prep in Photoshop, Color mixing, Paints, mediums, brushes, Blending, Details, Glazing, Varnish


Feel free to get in touch to book your place, or for more info -

Marygrove College, 8425 W McNicholls, Detroit.

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