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About me

I'm born and raised in London UK, now living in Detroit USA

My interest in Art starts from being passionate about Graffiti Art in the 80's.

From 2010 I developed my skills as a portrait painter on walls using Spraypaint, and in the last few years have found myself doing more studio based works using oils on stretched canvas or panel.

I split my studio time either working to commission or on my own projects or choice of subject.

My work is mostly led by my interest in portraiture and figurative work, while also practising still life pieces.

Key works

80ft wall portrait of Will Smith in West Philadelphia.

8000sq ft wall portrait of Stevie Wonder in Downtown Detroit.

Wall portrait of Cristiano Ronaldo in Santo Antonio, Madeira.

Wall portrait of Roy Ayers in Brockley, SE London, UK.

National Portrait Gallery exhibitor May 2020, oil painting entitled 'Songbook'

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